The tenant agrees to pay his rent at the agreed time by lease (the 1st of each month) by,  postdated check (payable to the Université du Québec), in cash, by debit card, by pre-authorized withdrawal or online payment (if you have an account with RBC, Desjardins or the National Bank), failing which a collection company will be contacted from the 7th day of each month, if an unjustified late payment continues.

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The landlord is the sole responsible for the assignment of rooms and the tenant agrees to accept this assignment and to facilitate the integration of roommates.

Any check returned by the bank, for whatever reason, must be repaid immediately, in cash if the landlord so requires, in addition to the $ 30 administration fee.

Even during the lease, in the event of a breach of any of the commitments made by the tenant, the landlord may relocate or evict a tenant if, in the opinion of the Residence Management, such relocation or departure is in the interest of the tenant, their roommates, the landlord or the community.

During the term of the lease and at the end of the lease, the tenant agrees that the landlord will inspect the room he occupies as well as the common areas. In the event of damage to the premises and the rented property, or if rented furniture is missing, or if repairs or modifications have been carried out by the tenant, without prior authorization from the landlord or failing to comply with the rules of the In the art, the landlord will estimate the costs of restoring the premises and property and will inform the tenant.

 If damage is found in the tenant's room, the tenant must pay the full cost. If damages are found in the common areas and if it cannot, beyond a reasonable doubt, assign sole responsibility to one or more individuals, then each tenant will be allocated a share of the costs, pro-rated to the space he occupies in the unit.

If the tenant wishes to break his lease before the scheduled term, the tenant agrees to give a notice of one (1) month to the landlord and to pay, in addition to all rents due and in progress, a sum representing half a month's rent. In addition to the above conditions, the tenant will remain liable for all obligations arising from his lease and will be released from it only if a new tenant signs a new lease to replace the outgoing tenant and the first month's rent has been paid by the new tenant.
If the request for termination concerns 31 December 2023 (end of 2023), the tenant undertakes to give the landlord one (1) month's notice and to pay, in addition to all rents that are due and in progress, a sum representing half a month's rent. In addition, the tenant agrees to leave the residences BEFORE December 22, 2023 (all subject to the provisions of the Civil Code of Quebec) ".

When tenant request to change apartment or room, an administrative fee of $ 100 will be payable at any time, except in exceptional circumstances.

Upon departure, the tenant agrees to return the keys in person to a person appointed by the landlord and to return the premises in the same condition as on arrival, to recover his deposit, if any.

Failure to comply with these rules could be sanctioned as follows:
1st offense: warning and note on file;
2nd offense: Internet service interruption for one month or eviction notice (depending on the severity);
3rd offense: notice of expulsion.