Mandatory Insurance

If you are a student under the age of 25 who are coming to live at the residence, you could be covered by your parents' homeowner's insurance, which covers liability and property. However, you may need tenant insurance in your name if you are permanently away from your parents' home. Contact your insurance representative, or your parents' representative, to make sure you are covered and the same applies to your possessions. You have to be covered for $ 2 million in civil liability. The lessee shall enter into and maintain in force, throughout the duration of his lease and / or occupation of the leased premises, a civil liability lessee insurance of not less than $ 2 million.

The tenant and civil liability insurance is intended to compensate the landlord if you cause damage to the building (fire, water damage, burning on the counter, etc.). It also aims to take care of you if another tenant causes damage or if damage occurs to the building (hotel and food costs if your apartment is not habitable).

Don't forget your personal belongings.

You may think they do not really have much value. Nevertheless, would you be able to replace them all at once, in case of damage caused by fire, water or following a flight? If only to replace your clothes and your computer, you will have to pay a few thousand dollars.

CAUTION: To reduce the amount of your insurance per month, the insurer usually offers you a policy with a high deductible. This means that for any damage whose cost is less than the amount of this deductible, you will have to pay. For example: You have an inexpensive policy with a $ 500 deductible. You burn a counter with a pan and we estimate the damage at $ 495. Even if you pay for insurance, you will have to assume the entire loss. So ask your insurer questions and inquire. It's your responsibility!





Optimum security: our alarm system company

Both buildings are connected to a fire station (Videotron)

The alarm system is centralized

A barracks is less than 5 KM

A fire hydrant is less than 25 meters away



Year of construction: 2007

The building is mainly in CONCRETE

3 residential floors

2 institutional floors

The building has 41 studios, 3 X 6 ½

Geothermal heating



Year of construction: 2005

The building is mainly made of BRICK AND CONCRETE

4 residential floors

1 nursery

The building has 25 X 4 ½, 7 X 6 ½ and 7 studios

Electric heating


Security equipment

Fire hydrant located near the buildings

Fire extinguishers on each floor and in each apartment

Fire alarm panel connected directly to the security of the UQ



List of insurance companies

(You can contact other companies)



1 855 747-7712

Assurance habitation pour maison, condo et locataire | Beneva



1 833 798-5808

Bundle and Save | Intact



1665, boulevard Guillaume-Couture
Lévis (Québec) G6W 5M6

418 839-7565

1 800 782-3121



 Ils ont un rabais pour les étudiants lorsqu’on téléphone. 

Sans frais : 1  877 777-7136



Sans frais : 1 866 684-4078


AXA/ Dale Parizeau Morris Mackenzie Inc.
900, boul. René Lévesque Est, bureau 700
Québec,  QC  G1K7G4
Tél. : 418 647-1111 /Fax : 418 647-4976

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SSQ assurances générales

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4715 des Replats suite 252
Québec, QC  G2J 1B8
Tél. : 418 661-7741 /Sans frais : 1 888 933-WAWA
Fax : 1 855 641-4963

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Alain Girouard

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