Arrivals and departures


From Bagotville Airport, allow 30 minutes by taxi for a flat rate of $ 34.25 + tip. From the bus station, calculate 10 minutes by taxi or 20 minutes on foot.

The Val-Lomberette residences are located just behind the main building of the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (UQAC).


300 rue Newton, Chicoutimi, QC, G7H 0S5.

Building G access








You will arrive in the entrance hall of building G (see photo above).  Open the door, and in the entrance, you will notice on the right three safety boxes.

To open, dial the code, turn the handle to the right and pull towards you.  To close the door, turn the handle to the left. Wait a few seconds and check if the safe is locked.  Please lock the safe after use.

Take the envelope in your name and close the safety box door. Inside the safe, there is an envelope with your name and the number of your room written on it.

Please lock the safe after use.

The code is: (You will receive it 1 week before your arrival, if you don't receive it, contact us.)


In the days following your arrival, present yourself at our office to pay your payment. Our office located at local G-113 of Block G (Grand Duc). To get there, you must go through the SOUTH door of building G, the one located opposite the main UQAC building. You can pay your rent by debit card, check payable to the University of Quebec (Canadian bank), travelers check, cash. You can now use the pre-authorized debit or by ACCESS D TelNat or RBC (ask your reference number if you have an account at Desjardins, the National Bank or RBC).

Lease only : Come to our office to pay your $100 safety deposit (cash or check, this amount will be refundable upon departure after inspection of the premises) and give the state record places.
You'll also get your copy of the lease, if it is not already done.
Wireless Internet is available at the Residences Val-Lomberette.  The access code will be given in your envelope with the keys. As for the phone, you can make local calls by dialing 9 before the telephone number.   The is a telephone in each main staircase of your building.

It is your responsibility to equip you with dishes, bed linen (sheets, blanket, pillow) and towels. The apartments are furnished, but not accessorized.
A laundry room is available at the ground floor of each building (A to G).
The cost for a wash is $1.50 and from $1.25 to $1.50 to dry.
You must use coins to operate the washing and drying machines (1$ and quarters only).
Irons and ironing are available for use at the rental office.
If you have forgotten or lost your keys, it is possible to unlock your door.
See signs posted in each building entrances. Fees are payable outside office hours.
Never close your bedroom door without taking your keys (or unlock the button behind the handle), it will save you unnecessary costs.
For emergency (fire, water damage, serious accident etc.), call the security 418 545-5015 or extension 5015 from a staircase telephone.  
Enjoy your stay in Saguenay!



*All occupants of the apartment must do their part of the cleaning of the common areas BEFORE the date of the inspection of one of the renter (except for studio).

Keeping your apartment clean all year long avoids a heavy workload and, above all, problems with your roommates.

Set up a cleaning schedule as soon as you arrive!


1. Plan the date and the hour of the inspection with us.
2. Use our cleaning schedule template (you can get one at our office building G, office 113). Stick the task division sheet on your fridge.
3. Divide tasks (each tenant must  write his/her name to 1 part of tasks and complete it).

REMEMBER!  The person arriving in the apartment also deserves to enjoy a clean apartment upon arrival.


Entrance and wardrobe:
- Clean the front door of the apartment outside and inside and make up for it
- Decommissioning the common wardrobes of any clothing or object not belonging to the tenants remaining on the premises

Kitchen, living room, dining room :
- Decommission (discard any stale food) and wash the fridge and freezer inside and out; advance it and remove the dust behind
- Clean the stove inside (with the appropriate product) and outside (change the aluminum rounds-we supply them); advance the stove and remove the dust behind
- Wash and degrease the walls touching the stove and the hood
- Clean the kitchen counter and put the dishes in the cupboards
- Inner cabinet shelves must be clean and free of any stale food or objects not belonging to any of the tenants remaining on site
- Clean tables, chairs and furniture in living room and dining room
- Wash windows shelves, heaters and dirty walls as needed

Bathroom :
- Wash the toilet, the shower (attention to the shower rail), the sink, the mirror, the walls and the front of the cabinets. Do not forget the interior of your wardrobe. Finish by the floor.

Floor :
- Remove the common areas from any personal items and wash the floor of the rest of the apartment (except rooms occupied by other roommates) and your room.

IMPORTANT!  We are not obligated to refund your $ 100 if we need to hire someone to clean your apartment or make repairs to restore it.



- Clean the surface of your mattress with a damp cloth ; 
- Wash all the furniture in the room (inside, outside as well as behind)
- Wash the lamp (foot and lampshades), the window shelf
- Wash the mirror
- Wash inside the drawers of the work desk, dresser and bed
- Take out the drawers from under the bed and clean under the bed
- Clean the spots on the wall
- Sweep and wash the floor (move furniture and bed to clean properly)


Close all windows, lights and turn down the heat.
Do not leave any personal effects; discard the garbage and the recycling bin.
If you leave things to give, do it BEFORE your inspection.

We lend free vacuum cleaners and cleaning products. Go to the rental office (G-113) to retrieve what you will need.

Our planning depends on the time you want your inspection, so please confirm it quickly.

Remember to empty your locker if you have stored items or pay for your locker rent.

Your statement sheet of the inventory that you have completed and given when you arrive will be used at your departure.
If you have not delivered it, you are presumed to have received the goods in good condition.

Thank you for your cooperation, if you have questions do not hesitate.